Understanding the Characteristics of the French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is an adorable little companion so adorable in fact that there are French Bulldog meetup groups literally in every city in America pretty much. And these people take their dogs and their dog’s social lives so very seriously – they love getting together and just celebrating every aspect of having, and living with, and loving a French Bulldog.

French Bulldogs are a classic example of what’s called in Latin multum in parvo. That’s a big sort of dog fanciers term which really means a big dog in a small package.

Although it is not inherent in all French bulldog puppies, these are the characteristics that are very notable with this particular bulldog breed. I think that’s probably the secret to the popularity of the French Bulldog. It’s that it is a small dog but it’s a tough little dog; it’s built like a mini Mack truck. It has a wide chest and a certain tough bullies dance, and they’re so sweet and cute.

The only thing you have to remember with a French Bulldog is that they have what’s called a brachycephalic conformation which means they have a short pushed-in face, and you know that’s exactly why we find them so cute because they look like little bats or little froggies.

But that confirmation actually makes it hard for them to breathe in very high temperatures. So if it gets really hot outside in the summer, you be sure to have air conditioning for your Frenchie. You want to maybe not take them out at the high point of the day when it’s like 1:00 p.m.

and you know 110 in the shade. So just a few considerations for your Frenchie, so you can have just years of fun with this little clown.